Exporting Activity Log Details

You can export Activity Log details into a file.

  1. In the Profile view, click the Activity Log perspective.
  2. Click Export.
    You can export the details as a JSON or CSV file.
    A message indicating that the export operation is in process is displayed. An email is sent after the Export operation is completed.
  3. Open your email notification sent by Reltio.
  4. In the email, click the link. The file is downloaded.
    Note: In the exported CSV file, you can do the following to convert the Timestamp into a date and time value:

    a. Add another column.

    b. Give the heading of the column as Date/Time.

    c. In the Date/Time column, enter the =((A2-21600000)/86400000)+date(1970,1,1) formula in all the rows.

    d. Replace A2 with the actual cell address (cell reference) of your Timestamp cell in each row. In our example below, A2 is replaced with G2.