Editing profiles

To edit a Profile, select either Editing or Suggesting mode.

Modify an attribute

To modify an attribute:
  1. Select an attribute field and enter the new value.

  2. Save your changes by clicking Save. The Profile Facet only displays attributes that have defined values.
  3. To display and edit more attributes, select the +Add link
  4. Select an attribute from the list.

    In the System attributes section, you can add start and end dates for the entity. If the End Date exists in the past, the entity is considered Inactive. In addition, if the Start Date is dated in the future, the entity is considered Inactive.

  5. Select an attribute from the list to display it on the form. For longer lists, you can use the Search field to find the desired attribute.
  6. Enter the attribute name in the Search field to filter the list of available attributes you can select. The icon next to the attribute in the list indicates the attribute type:
    1. simple attribute:
    2. nested attribute:
    3. reference attribute:

    Some attributes such as State may include a pre-defined set of values from which to choose. This drop will display alimited set of values. At the end of the list, you can select the LOAD MORE button to view the next set of values, along with the existing ones.

Suggesting mode in profiles

To make suggestions in a profile:

  1. Select Suggesting mode.
  2. Make the required suggestions in the attributes.
  3. Select Suggest to update the suggestions.

Viewing warning messages from RDM

Reference Data Management (RDM) is enhanced to enable you to search for Reference Data Management lookup errors in the Hub without making configuration changes. In Advanced Search, the Records with RDM Transcode Errors option enables you to search for the entities that have problems with RDM lookups. For more information, see Working with Advanced Search Filter Options.

When you open entities with Reference Data Management errors, the Reference Data Management validation warnings aren’t displayed. To see these warning messages, you must submit a Support Ticket requesting a configuration change.

Sample Warning Message: