Deleting a Profile

You can delete a profile through Hub.

Navigate to the Profile view for the entity, click the Viewing drop-down menu, and choose the Delete option.

A confirmation message will be displayed to allow you to confirm your decision to delete the profile. To be clear, only the base entity and its attributes are being deleted; the related entities, and interactions that reference this entity remain intact. As an example, suppose you wished to delete the profile for Bob Brown. In his profile view you might see a relationship to ACME Corp, and relationships to family members and so on. By selecting Delete Profile, only the entity for Bob Brown (that is, the base entity) will be deleted. And it could be said that his profile has been deleted because without Bob, there is no profile of Bob to be rendered. But the entities for ACME and the family members which by definition were part of his profile will of course remain intact after the deletion.

Important: When an object (in this case the base entity of the profile) is deleted using the UI, the deleted object cannot be restored. Refer to the information in Object Deletion in Reltio Cloud for details about other deletion methods that allow the object to be restored. Also, any relations that were part of this profile become immediately ineffective automatically (since the base entity they relied on is now gone), thus there is no need for you to worry about deleting those relations in conjunction with deleting the profile.