Profile cloning overview

Learn how to configure your tenant with the clone functionality and clone profiles in the Profile perspective.

If you want to manage entities in your organization, such as a person, place, object, or thing, you need to create profiles. For more information, see topic Exploring the New Profile Perspective.

An organization is made up of thousands of entities, and it’s a time-consuming process to create profiles for each. Certain profiles will have similar information, say if they belong to the same department or industry. In this case, it would be so much easier to copy information from an existing profile.

You can clone an existing profile by using the new Clone feature in the Profile view. As the name suggests, you can clone - or make a copy of - an existing profile. You can also edit the attribute values in the cloned profile.

Configure the Clone feature in your tenant to be able to view the option in the Profile perspective. For more information, see topic Configure profile clone functionality in your tenant.