Graph perspective (new view) overview

Learn about the new Graph perspective view to manage profiles and entities.

Visualize profile relationships in a graphical interface to view details of connected entities in the Reltio Hub. If you’re a data steward who works with profiles and entities, then this topic is for you.

When you're trying to analyze data, would you appreciate the ability to view details of connected entities? How about managing relationships so you can gain insights and take decisions easily and quickly? We thought so! Get quicker page-loading performance, more granular information, and increased productivity with the new Graph perspective.

You can still view the Graph Perspective (classic view). The choice is up to you. By default, we display the classic view, but you can set your preference to display the new view instead. For more information, see topic Switch between Graph perspective views.

Note: The number of objects the graph displays is limited. If the entities the graph identifies are greater than 10,000 entities, then the entities aren’t loaded and you see the following message:

The request might consume more resources than it is allowed.