Adding Crosswalks for an Entity

In the new Relationship perspective, you can add crosswalks for an entity.

  1. From the Profile view, click Relationship perspective. The Relationship perspective displays all the relationships of the selected entity.
  2. Click the relationship for which you want to add crosswalks.
  3. In the Legend section, click + Crosswalk.
  4. From the Source System Name drop down, select the source system to be added.
  5. In the ID value field, enter the Crosswalk ID.
  6. Click + ADD ATTRIBUTES. A list of attributes are displayed.
  7. Select the attributes that you want to add for the crosswalk.
  8. Enter the attribute values for the newly selected attributes.
  9. Click Add. The Crosswalk is added to the entity.
    Note: After adding a new crosswalk, you can drag and drop this crosswalk to an attribute value for adding relationship attributes related to this crosswalk.
  10. To delete the crosswalk from the entity, click Delete. You will be asked for confirmation to delete the crosswalk.
  11. Click Yes to delete the crosswalk.