Add Comments in your Facets

You can add comments for attributes in any of your facets.

These comments can be viewed on the facet or in the Collaboration tab available on the right pane of the Profile view.

  1. In your Profile view, click the required facet.
  2. Hover over any attribute and the comment icon appears.

  3. Click on the Comment icon.
  4. Enter your comments and click Comment. The comment is added for the selected facet. An icon appears adjacent to the commented item in the Profile view, indicating that a comment exists for the facet. This icon also displays the number of comments in the comment thread (in case another user has replied to it).

    Note: To tag a user to this comment, type "+" followed by a username. The tagged user receives an email notification when mentioned.
  5. Click on the icon to view the comment. You can reply, resolve, edit, or delete the comment.

  6. Click Reply to reply to a comment or Resolve to resolve the comment.
  7. Click Open menu > Edit to modify the comment or Open menu > Delete to delete the comment.