Add relationship attributes to an entity

Learn how to add new relationship attributes for an entity. If you are a data steward who manages profiles in your tenant, this topic is for you.

A profile is a collection of all the data associated with an entity. Profiles contain the attributes for an entity, relationships for an entity, and sources for all of the attributes. In the Profile view, you can view the relationship between two entities in the Relationship perspective. For more information, see Relationships Perspective (new view).

To add a relationship attribute to an entity in the Relationship perspective:

  1. From the Profile view, click the Relationship perspective. The Relationship perspective displays a list of relationships for the selected entity.
  2. Click the relationship for which you want to add attributes.
    Note: Clicking on Profile name will display the profile details. Click on any other column to view the sources details and add attributes.
  3. In the Sources section of the page, click + Attributes.
  4. In the Add Attributes dialog that is displayed, select the required attributes and click outside the dialog box. The selected attributes are now displayed under the Sources section.
  5. Hover over the attribute value and Pin, Ignore, Edit, or Delete the attribute value.
  6. On the top of your page, click Back to relationships to go back to the main Relationships perspective.