API usage dashboard

Learn about the data in the API usage dashboard in the Performance Monitoring application.

The performance monitoring application enables you to monitor the APIs in your Reltio tenant. After specifying a date range and selecting the HTTP methods and APIs you want to monitor, you can monitor the APIs to learn if any APIs showed a peak or trough in number of requests during a specific date, what the most-used APIs are and who uses them, and the capacity needed for an API.
Note: The APIs are retrieved based on the data from different data sources such as Google Big Query (GBQ) and SignalFx.

Data definition

This dashboard provides the following metrics:

Data label Data definition
API usage trend A line graph that shows the number of times an API request is sent over the selected date range.
Most used APIs A table that shows the latency value of the most frequently used APIs.
API usage by compute capacity A table that shows the amount of resources taken by a specific API when the request is sent.
Most time-consuming APIs A table that shows the APIs that take the most time to execute in descending order, along with the type of method and execution date.

Data analysis scenarios

So, armed with these amazing metrics, what can you deduce about your data?

Manage Resource consumption

You can check the number of units consumed by an API and use this information to find the impact on data load times.

Identify the most frequently used API and its consumption

You can get to know the most frequently used API and how much resources the API consumes when you send a request. APIs that consume a lot of resources are associated with peaks.

Look out for high-level anamolies

You can look for anomalies like an unexpected API request that was sent. For example, your team was not expected to send any requests over the weekend, but a look at the API usage dashboard tells you that someone sent a request.