API performance summary dashboard

Learn about the data in the API performance summary dashboard in the Performance Monitoring application.

You monitor APIs in your Reltio tenant in the Performance Monitoring application in the Console. After specifying a date range, you can analyze the API request status, API latency, API success rate, and the number of failed API requests date range.

Data definition

This dashboard provides the following metrics:

Data label Data definition
Usage A summary chart of API usage for the date range specified in the a Data Picker (for more information, see topic Specify a date range:
  • Usage: The chart title, which links directly to the API usage dashboard.
  • Total requests: The total number of API requests that have been sent and a percentage increase () or decrease () over the past 90 days.
  • Success rate: The percentage of successful requests out of the total number sent.
  • Failed requests: The number of sent requests that failed.
  • Trend line: A color-coded graph indicating the status of the API request: Green = pass or Red=fail.

Click Usage to drill down to the API usage dashboard.

Latency Two trend lines show the average and median API latency values respectively, for a specified time range. The latency value of an API is the time needed for an API to provide a response.

Click Latency to drill down to the API latency dashboard.

Note: The number of API requests are measured differently for average and median latency values. Average latency is latency for 50% of API requests and median latency is 50% of the latency value.
Daily success rate A bar graph that shows the success rate trend for API calls over a specified time range. The threshold value is identified using a horizontal orange line that goes across the bar graph. The threshold value is dynamic and changes depending on the tenant that is used.
Tip: Hover your mouse pointer over the vertical blue bars to display a tooltip with the success rate and threshold value for a specific day.
Failed requests A table that shows number of times an API request failed and the corresponding error code.

Data analysis scenarios

So, armed with these amazing metrics, what can you deduce about your data?

API usage

You can find out the number of API requests sent over a period of time and how much the usage has dropped from a previous period of the same amount of time.

The arrow indicates that the number of requests sent for the last 90 days is lesser compared to the previous period of the same duration.

View all failed requests

You can view at a glance the number of times a request failed.

Look out for high-level anomalies

You can look for an unexpected rise or drop in the API latency value and API usage.

See the total number of requests

You can view information about failed requests and the API success rate. For example, this sample image tells you that the total number of requests sent for the last 90 days is 923,000, the number of failed requests is 8, and the success rate is 100% (rounded off value).