API Auth performance dashboard

Learn about the data in the API Auth performance dashboard in the Performance Monitoring application.

The Performance Monitoring application enables you to monitor the APIs in your Reltio tenant. After specifying a date range, you can view data related to Reltio’s authentication service using the authentication API, which is used to get a long-lived access token to access your tenant, or a refresh token if the access token expires.

Data definition

This dashboard provides the following metrics:

Data label Data definition
Authentication API usage A bar graph that shows the the total number of requests sent for a specified date range and the number of requests sent during a specific day.
Authentication API Latency Two line graphs that show the latency values for the get token and check token APIs respectively. For more information, see Authentication API.

Data analysis scenarios

So, armed with these amazing metrics, what can you deduce about your data?

Understand the authorization service impact on API latency

You can analyze the impact of the authorization service latency on the overall API latency.

View the speed of token generation

You can get to know how quickly tokens are generated.