Get started with performance monitoring

Learn how to monitor API performance with the Performance Monitoring application using data displayed in the different dashboards of the application.

Let’s take a look at the data you can obtain from the Performance Monitoring dashboards:
  • API performance summary dashboard: the total number of API requests that are sent over a specific date range, average and median API latency, percentage of successful API requests, and failed API request details.
  • API usage dashboard: the number of times a specific HTTP request method is used.
  • API latency dashboard: the APIs that created peaks or troughs on a specific date range and their usage.
  • Authentication API usage dashboard: the performance of the authentication API.

We’ll provide more details on these dashboards in topic API perfomance monitoring dashboards. But first let’s find out how to get to them.

To access the Performance Monitoring application:
  1. In the App Selector icon, select Console.
  2. In the Console home page, under the Tenant Management section, select Performance Monitoring. For more information, see topic Console.

  3. At the top of the page, from the Select tenant dropdown menu, select the tenant you want to work with. For more information, see topic Selecting a tenant.

You use these key sections of the API performance dashboards to determine the data to display and analyze displayed data.

Select tenant:
A dropdown menu at the top of the Console page. This provides a list of available tenants. For more information, see topic Selecting a Tenant.
Navigation Pane:
The pane that displays the different dashboards that you can view. For more information, see topic Select data to monitor.
Title bar:
The bar across the top of the Performance Monitoring application home page. It displays the name of the selected dashboard on the left of the navigation pane and a dropdown that opens the Date Picker. For more information, see topic Specify a date range.
Dashboards Area:
The area under the title bar and on the right of the navigation pane in which panel the performance monitoring dashboards are displayed. For more information, see topic Analyze API performance.