Using the MuleSoft Connector

You can build and test a project by using the MuleSoft Connector.

Use the following steps to build a test Mule project using a Reltio Connector:

  1. Click New Project.

    The Project Settings dialog box appears.

  2. Give the new project a name and click Finish.
  3. The project main screen appears.

  4. Search for Reltio in the Mule palette.

    Tip: If you don't see it, be sure that you installed the ReltioMuleSoft connectors.
  5. Drag the Reltio item to the canvas.

  6. Click the Plus sign adjacent to the Connector Configuration area.

    The Reltio Configuration dialog box appears.

  7. Enter the configuration parameters listed in Configuration Parameters for MuleSoft Connector, as needed for your implementation, and click OK.

    The filled in dialog should appear like this: