Configuration Parameters for MuleSoft Connector

When you establish a connection with your tenant, you are ready to use the Reltio MuleSoft connector. The configuration parameters are used by the mulesoft pipelines to connect to reltio.

To use MuleSoft Connector, you must configure the parameters. Some of the examples of the configuration parameters are: Token URL, Username, Password and so on.

Use the parameters listed in Table 1: Mulesoft Connector Configuration Parameters.

Table 1. Mulesoft Connector Configuration Parameters
Name Type Examples: Values Description
Token URL String reltio.tokenUrl= This parameter defines the Reltio authorization endpoint. The client authenticates with the authorization server and requests an access token from the token URL.

For example,

Username String The parameter defines the username of the API user.
Password String reltio.password=your.password The parameter defines the password of the API user.
Base URL String reltio.baseUrl= The parameter defines the Reltio Base URL. This is the URL prefix of your Tenant URL.

For example, if your tenant URL is, this indicates that your base URL environment is

Tenant ID String This parameter defines the Reltio Tenant ID. The is the unique identification of the Reltio system assigned to you. The Tenant ID can be obtained from your tenant URL.

For example, if your tenant URL is of Tenant ID from above URL is: ddHXrrrotBeNhNO.

Auth String String reltio.clientKey=cmVsdGlvX3VpOm1ha2l0YQ== The paremeter defines the Client Key.
Export Service URL String reltio.exportServiceUrl= The parameter defines the URL we use while we run the export jobs.