Install MuleSoft connector

Learn how to install the MuleSoft application, Anypoint Studio, and the Reltio Connectors as a set of plugins.

You’ll install the MuleSoft application, Anypoint Studio, and then download and install the Reltio Connectors as a set of plugins.
Reltio provides a license file for Mulesoft Connectors in version 3 and version 4. These License files are:
  • reltio_Cloud_Connector.lic for Mulesoft Connector V3
  • reltio_cloud_connector.lic for Mulesoft Connector V4
Note: Instead of storing the license in the application, you can place it in the conf/folder of the Mule server.
You’ll then be ready to build an application that uses the Reltio Connectors. Use the following steps to install MuleSoft and the Reltio Connectors:
  1. Download Anypoint Studio.
  2. Extract the Windows installation file into the Application folder.
  3. Open the extracted files and install Anypoint Studio in your Applications folder.
    For more information, see Download and Install Anypoint Studio.
    The application displays the Workspace launcher.
  4. Select a Workspace if a workspace hasn’t been selected previously from the earlier usage.
    When you’re installing Mulesoft for the first time, you can choose a folder to store your project.

  5. Select Browse.
  6. Select a folder.

  7. Select the Workspace.
  8. Select OK.

    You can see the main page for Anypoint Studio.

  9. Place the license file under src/main/resources in the mule application, if the Mule application is developed in the Studio.

    Place the file under app/classes, if the application has already been unpacked and deployed on the Mule server.

    The license file is installed as an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This is different when your system is Mac, Windows, or Linux.