Configuring the MuleSoft Connector

When you have established a connection to your tenant, you are ready to begin using a Reltio-MuleSoft connector.

All the connectors use the same basic parameter screens. They differ in detail. After you chose the right connector for your needs use the following configuration steps:

  1. Drag a Reltio object to the Canvas and choose the connector you wish to use from the operation popup list below:

  2. Enter the connector parameters.

    Descriptions of each connector are in the associated reference guide (see Salesforce Connector, Reltio SnapLogic Connector and MuleSoft Connector. Definitions of each parameter are in the corresponding entry in the Reltio API Reference.

  3. Some connectors have an "Advanced" tab that you also use to enter parameters. To set any of these parameters, click the "Advanced" tab:

  4. Click the numbers sign adjacent to the parameter you want to enter a value in its entry area or hover over it to view its Help text:

    After the value is set, the advanced property acquires a checkbox:

  5. The checkbox indicates that the advanced property is set. To view or edit the parameter value, click the numbers sign again.
Now you are ready to start Using the MuleSoft Connector.