The Reltio MuleSoft Connectors

Reltio MuleSoft connectors support different operations such as: creating data change requests, creating relationships, deleting entities, and so on.

The Table 1: The Reltio-MuleSoft Connectors lists the Reltio Platform Connectors.

Table 1. The Reltio-MuleSoft Connectors
Operation Link to Doc Portal Page Request URL Link to Developer Portal
Apply Data Change Request Apply Data Change Request POST {TenantURL}/changeRequests/_byUris/_apply Apply Change Request By ID
Add roles to specific entity Managing Entity Roles POST {TenantURL}/{entity object URI}/roles NA
Add tags to specific entity Entity Tags POST {TenantURL}/{entity object URI}/tags NA
Create Entities Create Entities POST {TenantURL}/entities Create Entities
Create Interactions Create Interactions POST {TenantURL}/interactions Create Interactions
Create Data Change Request Create Data Change Request POST {TenantURL}/changeRequests Create an empty Data Change Request
Create Relationships Create Relationships POST {TenantURL}/relations Create Relationships
Delete the Data Change Request with a given ID Delete Data Change Request DELETE {TenantURL}/changeRequests/{id} Delete the Data Change Request
Delete Entity Delete Entity DELETE {TenantURL}/{entity object URI} Delete Entities
Delete Relationship Delete Relationship DELETE {TenantURL}/{relation object URI} Delete Relation By URI
Delete a role from an Entity NA DELETE {TenantURL}/{entity object URI}/roles NA
Delete object NA   NA
Get task by ID Get Task by ID GET {ExportServiceURL}/tasks/{taskId} NA
Pause the task Pause Task PUT {ExportServiceURL}/tasks/{taskId}/_pause NA
Stop the task Stop Task PUT {ExportServiceURL}/tasks/{taskId}/_stop NA
Entity History Entity History GET {TenantURL} /entities/{entity object URI}/_changes Get Changes By Tenant
Export all the business objects Export Entities POST {ExportServiceURL}/export/{{tenant}}/entities NA
Export all relations Export Relations POST {ExportServiceURL}/export/{{tenant}}/relations NA
Stop the Task Force Stop Task PUT {ExportServiceURL}/tasks/{taskId}/_forceStop NA
Get Activity Log Records Get Activity Log Records GET {TenantURL}/activities NA
Get Entity by URI Get Entity GET {TenantURL}/{entity object URI} NA
Get Entity object by Crosswalk Get Entity by Crosswalk GET {TenantURL}/entities/_byCrosswalk/{crosswalkValue}?type={sourceType} NA
Get entities based on filter and other options NA NA Get entities based on filter
Get Interactions for an Entity Get Interactions for an Entity GET {TenantURL}/entities/{id}/_interactions Get Entity Interactions By Tenant
Get Matching Entities NA NA Get Potential Matches by Tenant
Get matching entities with scoring NA NA Get Scored Matches by Tenant
Get Relationship Get Relationship GET {TenantURL}/{relation object URI} Get Relationships Collection by Tenant
Get Task Get Task by ID GET {ExportServiceURL}/tasks/{taskId} NA
Mark Entities as Matches Mark Entities as Matches POST {TenantURL}/{entityURI1}/_setAMatch?uri='{entityURI2}' Data Operation Match
Mark Entities as Not-A-Match Mark Entities as Not-A-Match POST {TenantURL}/{entityURI1}/_notMatch?uri='{entityURI2}' Mark Entities as not a match
Merge Entities NA NA Manual Merge
Pause Task Pause Task PUT {ExportServiceURL}/tasks/{taskId}/_pause  
Reject Data Change Request Reject Data Change Request POST {TenantURL}/changeRequests/_byUris/_reject Reject Change Request By Id
Relation Search NA NA Get Relationships Collection by Tenant
Remove tag from specific entity NA DELETE {TenantURL}/{entity object URI}/tags NA
Retrieve timestamps (UTC) reflecting when an entity was modified NA GET {TenantURL} /entities/{entity object URI}/_changes NA
Retrieves a list of relations by filter NA GET {TenantURL}/relations Get Relationships Collection by Tenant
Retrieves a relation by its ID. NA GET {TenantURL}/{relation object URI} Get Object by Tenant
Returns data change requests which match the filter Get Data Change Request GET {TenantURL}/changeRequests Search Change Requests
Deletes object from a tenant NA DELETE {TenantURL}/{object URI} NA
Search Entities NA POST {reltio}/api/{tenantId}/graph/search NA
Stop Task Stop Task PUT {ExportServiceURL}/tasks/{taskId}/_stop NA
Search Data Change Requests Get Data Change Request GET {TenantURL}/changeRequests NA
Unmerge the composite entity Unmerge Entity by Contributor URI POST {TenantURL}/<origin id>/_unmerge?contributorURI=<spawn URI> NA
Unmerge the composite entity NA POST {TenantURL}/<origin id>/_treeUnmerge?contributorURI=<spawn URI> NA
Update attributes for entities NA POST <TenantURL>/<objectURI>/_update NA
Update cumulative entities NA POST <TenantURL>/<objectURI>/_update NA