Special Cases of UI configuration for Match and Merge

You can enable configuration to ensure that you can see transitive matches and create relations from the Hub.

There are some capabilities that are enabled either in conjunction with the UI or solely within the UI and in most cases you will need to file a ticket at support@reltio.com.

Exposing the Transitive Matching Feature on the UI

Transitive matching enables a data steward to see additional potential matches beyond just the ones directly matching to a record. This is best explained via example. Consider the Potential Match view shown below.

Notice that there are seven potential matches displayed for ali. However, what the data steward doesn’t know is that some or all of those seven records have their own potential matches that are not seen here. To expose these transitive matches, the data steward would click on the checkbox at the top of the right panel, Show Transitive Matching. In doing so, an additional three matches are exposed as you see below.

We don’t know which of the original matches these three are matching to, but one way to think about it is if the suspect rules that are delivering these seven and additional three matches were changed to automatic, then all 10 records would merge into Ali’s record. In order to use this feature, please file a support ticket at support@reltio.com with the request, “Enable Show Transitive Matches in my potential matches view”.

Modifying the Available Stewarding Options for Potential Matches

Prior to release 2020.2 (June 2020), when viewing a potential match, you had essentially two options. You could Merge or set the record to Not a Match. In both cases the options supported the concept of the record being treated as either semantically the same as the profile record or not. With 2020.2 (EA), an additional concept has been introduced which is the ability to create a relationship between the potential matched record and the profile record.

A button Create Relationship is now available. To enable this feature and button, please file a support ticket at support@reltio.com with the request Enable Create Relationship button on the Potential Matches View.