Configuring Survivorship

You can configure survivorship rules on-the-fly while editing an entity from the Sources view of the Hub.

Configuring Survivorship from the Hub

When configuring the survivorship rules for the attributes of an entity type, you can do this largely from the UI, but there are some advanced survivorship strategies that can only be defined through metadata configuration. For each rule described in the sections below, we will mention if it is achievable via the UI or if it must be done through editing of the metadata configuration file.

When configuring survivorship via the UI, you will not use the UI Modeler or Data Modeler. Rather, you will use the Hub itself, as described below.

To configure attribute value survivorship via the UI, determine which entity type you wish to configure, then navigate to the Sources view of any actual entity in your tenant. It does not matter which entity you select but it is recommended that you pick one that has been sufficiently merged and thus has enough crosswalks (and thus raw values in its attributes) so that you can witness material effects on-the-fly as you modify the survivorship rules.

There, in the Sources view while editing the survivorship for each attribute, you can instantly see the effect on the screen, which may guide your thinking. After you make a rule adjustment, the entity is fetched again using your new version of the rule and so you see the effect instantaneously.

To be sure, any declarations of survivorship performed via the UI are written to the metadata configuration and you can observe their JSON construction via a JSON editor. However, since the UI does not support all possible survivorship rules or advanced configurations of survivorship rules, any advanced work you do directly within the metadata configuration that is not supported by the UI, will not be displayed in the UI. So keep that in mind.