Reviewing the Model

You can review any model to verify the accuracy of the matching results, after training is completed. You can publish the model if the matching results meet your expectations. The process of reviewing the Match IQ model involves verifying the generated sample match pairs based on the training provided to the model.

Review the Model

Navigate to Review swim lane.
  1. Select a model you want to review.

    On the right panel, the details related to the model will be displayed.

  2. Click REVIEW.

    The Review Model dialog box is displayed.

  3. In the Review Model dialog box, select one of the following options:

Download Results


    The results are downloaded in the ZIP file format. The ZIP file comprises a .csv file that contains a sample set of match results. The .csv also contains a column called Relevance indicating the relevance score of the matched records.

Create Model Review Job


    The Create new model review job page is displayed.

    In the Create new model review job page, on the left corner, the name appears automatically.

  2. Using a local or remote source, upload a valid .csv file.
  3. Select the location of the file, using one of the following options:
    1. Local file system
    2. Amazon S3
    3. SFTP
    4. GCS
  4. Click BROWSE FILE.

    The Open dialog box is displayed.

  5. Go to the destination folder.
  6. Select a .csv file.

  7. Enter the name of the flow.

    For example, Flowmapping1.

  8. Click CONTINUE.

    Select Mapping dialogue is displayed.

  9. Click OTHER MAPPINGS tab.
  10. Select the existing mappings.
    Note: When you create the flow for the first time, no existing mappings are displayed.
  11. In the Select mapping dialog, click CREATE NEW MAPPING.

    A new mapping is created.

    Mapping dialog box is displayed.

  12. Enter the name for the mapping.

    For example, Newmapping.

    The mapping screen is displayed. The first ten entities are listed in the mapping screen.

  13. Click CONTINUE.

    By default, the first column is selected as the Record Identifier. When you download match results, the record identifier allows you to identify the input records that matched with the records in the tenant.

  14. Change the Record Identifier if required to any other column that contains unique values across your dataset.

  15. Next to the relevant column, click the More Options.
  16. Select the Set column as record identifier.

    The Create new External Match Job screen displays that the ID column is set as the record identifier.

  17. Click on the column header.
  18. Select the required attribute from the panel that appears on the right.
  19. Map the attributes with the columns in the input file.

    The Create new external match job screen displays how the attributes used to build the model are mapped to the relevant columns.

  20. Click RUN MATCH.

  21. On the Matching data dialog box, click OK.

    In the right pane (expanded), the details are displayed.

  22. In the Review Summary, click on View details.
    Note: In any swim lane the right panel will display the details about a model. When you start reviewing the model, select on any the specific existing flow for which the job was run before. The right panel will display the details.

    The jobs in the model will be displayed.

  23. In the Review Details pane, click Download option.
  24. Download the details, when the job is successful.

    You can run multiple jobs simultaneously.

Approve Model

  1. After a model is reviewed, hover the mouse over the model.
  2. Click More options.
    Note: You can delete this model, only if the model has failed.
  3. Approve the model, if you are satisfied with the results.
    Note: A user with the required permissions can approve the model.
    For more information, see Roles and Permissions for Match IQ Application
  4. Retrain a model, if you are not satisfied with the results.

    After the model is approved, it moves under the Completed swim lane.

  5. Under the Completed swim lane, hover over the model.
  6. Click the More options icon to view the following actions that you can take before publishing the model:
    Note: If the model flow fails at any stage, an email notification is sent to you when you have created the model flow. The model flow remains in the respective swim lane.