Translator's Guide

You can use the best practices mentioned in the Translator's guide for Internationalization and Localization.

Reltio localization resource files (commonly referred to as resource bundles, or just bundles) are JSON files with one-level structure of "key":"value" pairs.

Note: It is very important to keep JSON structure valid with each update of resource bundles. Before delivery, perform validation of the resource bundles (*.json files) using a JSON tool, e.g.

If you are a translator, follow these basic rules:

  1. Do not translate HTML tags that are enclosed in angle brackets: < >. When there is some text enclosed in angle brackets, the text should be translated.
  2. Special characters, for example, non-breaking space, angle brackets less than (<) and greater than (>), ampersand (&) should not be replaced with HTML entities like &nbsp; (non-breaking space), &lt; (less than), &gt; (greater than), &amp; (ampersand).

    For information about HTML entities, refer to

    • "<No name>": "&lt;Kein Name&gt;", - INCORRECT
    • "<No name>": "<Kein Name>", - CORRECT
  3. Do not translate strings like %1, %2 and so on.

    Note: In translated strings, these variables may change their positions (within the string). For example, for a source English string like "text %1 text %2", the corresponding localized string can be "%1 text %2 text".

  4. Do not add new % characters. If you really need to add such character, use %% instead.
  5. Do not translate CamelCase words and words with an underscore, such as startDate, entity_id. Such messages are typically internal messages intended for developers.
  6. Do not translate content enclosed in curly brackets: { }. For example: "Matched profiles: {0}".
  7. Occasionally, you will see strings with Regular Expressions syntax. Please translate only readable sub-strings. For example:

    "Accounts-ML Core ${'- ' + groups['configuration/groupTypes/PathHHGroupType'].crosswalks.value + ' (Total value: $'+ totalSum + ')'}": "",.

    In this example, you can translate only the following sub-strings: "Accounts-ML Core" and "Total value".
  8. Translators should NOT change the format and syntax in the strings being localized, that is, if the source string contains text enclosed in single quotes (for example, 'text'), the translated string should never replace those with double quotes (for example, "text"). Example:
    • "Entity label should have 'date' property.": "La etiqueta de entidad debe tener la propiedad "date".", - INCORRECT
    • "Entity label should have 'date' property.": "La etiqueta de entidad debe tener la propiedad 'date'.", - CORRECT