LCA as AWS Lambda: Tenant Configuration

You can use AWS Lambda: Tenant configuration to implement LCA.

Configuring Life Cycle Actions Hooks in Tenant Configuration

Add the Life Cycle Actions and hook names for the entityTypes / relationTypes in your tenant's L3 Configuration for the appropriate Lambda Functions.

Sample L3 Configuration:

    "uri": "configuration/entityTypes/Organizations",    
    "label": "Organizations",
    "lifecycleActions": {
        "beforeSave": [

Configuring Business Model

Actions deployed on AWS Lambda are specified with the Lambda/ prefix. Also, for AWS Lambda actions transfer protocol can be optionally specified, so that it looks like Lambda/[Protocol/]ActionName. Currently, the following two protocols are supported:

  • JSON (for Lambda actions using LCA framework up to 2016.3.2)
  • Binary JSON (for Lambda action using LCA framework starting from 2017.1)