LCA as AWS Lambda: Development

You can use AWS Lambda: Development to implement LCA.

LCA Development

See LCA Framework and develop your custom LCA from the Sample Life Cycle Actions Lambda project and create a JAR including all dependencies.

Sample LCA Lambda Project

A sample project is available here:


To get the Life Cycle Framework for the AWS Lambda library, add the following Maven dependency:


Download the dependency from the Reltio public repository. For more information about accessing the LCA framework from the Reltio public repository, see LCA Framework. You can add the following code to the repository and the settings.xml file in the Maven folder or the pom.xml file:

	<name>Reltio public repository</name>


Instead of extending the com.reltio.lifecycle.framework.LifeCycleActionBase class (as usual for a Life Cycle Action Handler), you must extend com.reltio.lifecycle.lambda.LifeCycleActionHandler. This class extends com.reltio.lifecycle.framework.LifeCycleActionBase and adds functionality specific to the execution of the AWS Lambda Function.


A Life Cycle Action Handler for deployment as an AWS Lambda Function must be packaged with all the dependencies. The handler is invoked as a standalone application and not inside the Life Cycle Action Service infrastructure. To create a JAR with dependencies in a Maven project, you can add the following plugin to the pom.xml: