Link an interaction with an entity’s crosswalk value

Learn how to link an entity to an interaction using the entity’s crosswalk value.

If you’re an Integration Specialist or Administrator creating interactions in Reltio Integration Hub, then this topic is for you. You'll get the most out of this topic if you first read topics Transaction and Interaction Data, Interactions Perspective, and Interactions API.

If you need to link a Reltio entity as the target of an interaction, use its source (crosswalk) ID to create and link using the RIH Reltio Connector. To do this, specify the interaction type to create one or more interaction records and then link it to the target entity's crosswalk ID.

To link an interaction with an entity crosswalk:

  1. In the Integration Hub home page, create a recipe for your interaction type:
    1. In the left navigation pane, select Recipes.
    2. In the Assets page, select Recipe from the Create dropdown.

  2. In the displayed Set up your recipe page, provide the preliminary details for your recipe and then select Start building:
    1. Name: Enter a name for your new recipe.

    2. Location: From the dropdown, select a destination project or folder. For information on creating projects, see topic setting up and working with projects.
    3. Pick a starting point: Leave the default Trigger from an app or select another trigger to use as the starting point for your recipe based on the recipe’s purpose. For more information, see topic Triggers.
  3. In the displayed Recipe Editor page, define the actions for your recipe:
    1. Select the plus icon.

    2. In the displayed What happens next field, select the Action in an app option.
    3. In the displayed right panel, in the App stage, search for and select the Reltio app.

    4. In the Action stage, select Create record to create a single interaction or Create records in bulk to create more than one interaction.

    5. In the Connection stage, under Active Connections, select a previously integrated app or create a new connection. For more information, see topic Connections.

    6. In the Setup stage, complete the following fields:
      1. Object: Select Interaction.
      2. Object type: Select an appropriate interaction type (for example, Payments or Orders).
      3. + optional fields available:: Select this button at the bottom of the panel; in the displayed Show optional fields page, enter crosswalk in the Search field; select Crosswalk value; and select Apply changes.

      4. Crosswalk value: Enter the interaction object’s ID from the source system.

  4. Process your recipe:
    1. In the upper-right corner of the recipe editor, select Test. Once the recipe is processed successfully, you see the following confirmation message with a timestamp.

    2. In the recipe editor, select the Action in an app option.

    3. In the JSON pane, select Output to view the interaction you’ve linked.