Limits and Timeouts

This is a list of some relevant limits and timeouts enforced by the Reltio Integration Hub platform.

Other limits and timeouts that are usually specific to some connectors can be found throughout the documentation. Some applications can also enforce limits and those limitations are not documented here.

  • An account can have Reltio Integration Hub up to 100 lookup tables with up to 10 columns and 10,000 records per table.
    Note: It may be possible to add more than 10,000 records to a lookup table, but the 10,000 record limit may be enforced in other ways. For example, while exporting lookup table values to a recipe lifecycle management package.
  • The CSV utility connector can parse up to 50,000 rows only in a CSV file.
  • The Lists utility connector can only create repeat helper lists with a maximum size of 50,000.
    Note: The 50,000 limit is common across different connectors.
  • Standard recipe steps have a timeout of 90 seconds and jobs have a timeout of 90 minutes.
  • Jobs with a long action have a 24-hour timeout. The long action steps may timeout sooner depending on the execution of the long action steps.
  • The Async callable recipes have a 24-hour timeout.
  • HTTP requests made using connector SDK have a 40-second timeout from the console, but a 3-minute timeout in a job.
  • Multi-step actions in the SDK, like long actions, have a timeout of 24 hours.
  • Webhook triggers have a rate limit of approximately 6000 requests per minute (~6000 requests/minute).
  • API access profiles can be used to set configurable rate limits and quotas for API endpoints in the API platform.
  • There is an API concurrency license limit based on a customer’s subscription. When this limit is exceeded, the RIH API gateway will immediately respond with an HTTP 429 code until concurrency drops below the customer’s licensed limit.
    Note: Currently, five concurrent API requests are included with the API Platform.
  • API jobs have a 240-second limit after which the RIH API gateway will return an HTTP 504 code.
  • Callable recipes that are NOT API platform endpoints have a max payload size of 1 MB.
  • Callable recipes that are API platform endpoints have a max payload size of 10 MB.