Availability and License Information

Reltio Integration Hub is available as part of your base package, at no additional cost.

If you would like to start building integrations with Reltio Integration Hub, contact your Customer Success Representative. If you are an existing customer, you must sign an addendum contract to accept Workato as a sub-processor.

Important: Reltio Connector must be either a source or a destination or part of an intermediate step in each recipe that you create through the Reltio Integration Hub.

Reltio Integration Hub Entitlements

  • As a customer, you are entitled to tasks per month that equal 25% of your licensed Consolidated Profile (CP) count. For example, if you license Reltio for 1M CPs, your entitlement will be 250k tasks per month.
  • Task usage across development, test, and production tenants will be counted against this entitlement, similar to API calls.
  • You will be charged for usage beyond your monthly task entitlement, as defined.
Note: Task refers to a unit of work that occurs every time a recipe performs an action that requires compute resources. Every time a recipe invokes an action provided by a connector, it is counted as a task. This includes actions done with all connectors, including Reltio Integration Hub tools (Lookup tables, variables by Reltio Integration Hub). For more information, see Tasks.