Creating a Sample Recipe - Part 2

These steps describe the actions that must be defined in the sample recipe.

Some of the initial steps for creating a sample recipe are detailed in Creating a Sample Recipe - Part 1 topic.

  1. Add Actions.

    You can choose one of the recipe steps.

  2. Select the IF condition.

    Data field appears to enable you to specify the IF condition. You can use the Recipe data to select the field.

  3. In the Recipe data, select Rating.

    In the IF condition box, the Data field displays Rating as the first step.

  4. Select the condition as equals and specify the value as Hot.

    Now, you must select an app and specify the action that must be done when the specified condition is met, as well as, when the condition fails. In the example, we will create a record in Reltio if the rating of the lead in Salesforce is hot.

  5. In the Choose an app panel, select Reltio.

  6. In the Choose an action panel, select Create a record.

  7. In the Connect to Reltio panel, choose the connection.

    In our example, we have selected a test tenant.

    The Setup panel displays the Object and Object type fields that must be used while creating the record in Reltio.

  8. Select the Object as Entity, Relation, or, Interaction. In the example, we have selected an entity.
  9. Select the Object type. For example, Organization.

    On selecting the object type, the fields corresponding to the selected object type are displayed.

  10. Select the address and phone details from the lead in Salesforce to add to Reltio’s record.

    You can use formulae also while defining the actions. For more information on understanding the formula mode, see Using formulae.

  11. Follow the steps mentioned above to create the complete recipe.

  12. Click Save to save your recipe.
  13. To test your recipe, click Test.