Creating a Recipe

A complete Recipe contains a well-defined trigger or initiator event, action steps, and an active connection between the required applications.

Building Recipes with Reltio Integration Hub - Video

To learn how to create a recipe, watch the Creating a recipe video.

In general:

  1. Trigger - Determines when your recipe would be executed
  2. Actions - Lists the steps your recipe would perform
  3. Application connection - Establishes connections between the applications that must be connected for the recipe to work

To create a recipe

  1. From the Recipes page, click Create recipe.

    The Setup your recipe page appears.

  2. Enter a name for your recipe.
  3. In the Location field, select a destination project or folder.
  4. Pick a starting point for your recipe.
    Select any of the following seven starting points based on the purpose of your recipe:
    • Trigger from an app (Default)
    • Run on a schedule
    • Trigger from a webhook
    • Manage other recipes
    • Build callable recipe
    • Build an API endpoint
    • Build a Slackbot command

    Select the Trigger from an app option if an event is supposed to initiate or start the recipe. To understand more about Triggers, see the Triggers topic.

  5. Click Start building.

    The Recipe Editor appears. You can build the recipe and configure the integration flow. The left side displays the recipe integration flow and the right side allows you to configure the trigger and actions of your recipe.

  6. Select an app and a trigger event that triggers the recipe or integration flow.

    You can now proceed to configure the rest of your trigger. For more information, see Adding steps in recipes.

Note: Reltio Integration Hub has the permission to connect to the data in the connected application after the connection is set, using the specified credentials. For more information on data security and data retention, see Security and Data Retention.