Creating a Manifest

You can create a manifest by selecting recipes and their dependencies within a folder.

Use the same manifests to build and export packages over time. For more information, see Export: Packaging recipes and dependencies.

  1. On the Recipe lifecycle management page, from the Export tab, click New manifest.

    The Create manifest page appears.

  2. Define manifest details by entering the Manifest name and Source folder.
  3. Choose the assets that must be included in your manifest.

    The details of your manifest are displayed in the right panel.

  4. Select or deselect the assets to be included in the manifest.
    Note: Based on the interdependencies of the assets, on deselecting some required assets, a warning is displayed.
  5. Click Create manifest to complete the manifest creation process.

    After your manifest is ready, you can build and export packages.

  6. Click your manifest and click Build and export package.

    A zip file is prepared for the manifest.

  7. Click Download.

    The zip file is downloaded. You can also download the zip file later by using the Export history tab of your manifest.