Create Entities in Bulk

Use the latest version (version 4) of the Reltio connector to create records in bulk within a recipe.

Reltio connector provides the ability to create records in bulk, which allows you to create records (entities, relations, and interactions) in a single batch. You can:

  • create records in batches of up to 2000 records in a single action.
  • view the number of failed records that are included in one or more failed HTTP requests in the batch due to the request getting timed out or the service being unavailable using the Failed records field.

    For example: you send five HTTP requests in parallel, and each request contains 50 records. Suppose four of these requests were successful and one request failed due to a 503 error (service is unavailable). As a result, the Failed records field shows all 50 records that correspond to the failed HTTP request. A sample image is displayed:

    The Failed records field displays the error messages and record details such as crosswalks and attributes:

    Note: The failed records that appear in this field are not the same as the errors that are generated when you use the Reltio platform APIs.
  • view the URI of the created object using the returnObjects parameter. This parameter is the same as the returnObjects API query parameter in the Reltio platform. For more information, see Save Entities API.

    You can set the returnObjects parameter to false to see the URI in the API response, if the response is not used in the subsequent steps of the recipe. This significantly reduces the response size, and improves the performance of the platform.

Using the Latest Version

Using or Upgrading to a new version of the Reltio connector in Reltio Integration Hub can have an impact on your existing recipes. Even though Reltio takes steps to make sure that new features and updates to the connector do not cause any issues with the existing recipes, some new features occasionally require that new parameters are made available for the Reltio connector actions. In order to use these actions, the existing recipes must be updated.

You can find the updates that you need to make to the connector in the release notes for that version, which indicate whether you will need to make updates to the recipes or not. If you need to make updates to the existing recipes, follow these steps to make sure that the changes made in the new version of the connector take effect.

  1. Open the recipe.
  2. Click refresh. For more information, see Refresh the schema in your recipe.
  3. Make the update to the recipes if required. For example with version 4 of Reltio connector, you can change the batch size in the Batch size field to 2000. This increases the number of entities that will be created in a single batch to 2000. For more information, see Configure the batch size.
    You can set the returnObjects parameter to false if:
    • you do not want to use fields from the action response in the subsequent steps of the recipe. Doing this will improve the recipe performance.
    • you do not want to use this batch size the next time you create an entity.
  4. Save your changes for the recipe and test your changes.