Validation Error Code 1960

Validation Error Code 1960 (METADATA_ATTRIBUTE_WITH_DIFFERENT_TYPES) occurs in a tenant that has two or more attributes with the same name but different data types. This can be resolved.

This typically happens across different entity types as shown below.

In the example above, both the entity types, Organization and Employee, have an attribute named ID but the data type for ID in Organization is String whereas the data type for ID in Employee is Int.

The ElasticSearch, which helps achieve lightning fast search, does not allow using two attributes with the same name but different data types. To fix this error, customers must perform the following steps:

  • Change the data type of attributes to be same or compatible:
    • In the example above, change the data type for ID in the Employee entity type to be String.
  • Execute the Reindex task with enableSeparateIndexing flag set to true as follows:
    POST /reltio/{tenantId}/reindex?enableSeparateIndexing=true
The compatible data types are as follows:
  • Time-Date, Time, and Timestamp
  • Numbers without a decimal component - Long, Int, and Integer
  • Numbers with a decimal component - Float, Double, and Number
  • Text data (String, Blob)
Note: There may be a change in the Operational Value (OV) if any of the following survivorship rules are configured for the entity type containing the modified attribute:
  • MinValue
  • MaxValue