Using Predefined Reltio Solution Accelerators

To provide you with as much out-of-the-box value as possible and reduce set up and configuration time, Reltio has pioneered the use of industry-specific Solution Accelerators.

At the core of a Solution Accelerator is a tenant configuration designed to support the needs of the industry of the application. A Solution Accelerator goes far beyond just a tenant configuration. It also provides a companion UI configuration, out-of-the-box Workflows, Reference Data Management, and more. For our purposes in this section, the key takeaway is that by starting with a Solution Accelerator, your tenant is pre-configured with an L3 and the resulting tenant’s configuration is “data-load ready” and represents a great starting place for any further tailoring you wish to do.

Every tenant Reltio provides for new customers and as additional licenses comes pre configured with the L3 of a Solution Accelerator. Reltio offers the following five solutions: