Reltio Cloud Tenant Architecture

The Reltio cloud tenant architecture includes the Customer tenant, Data Tenant, and the Hub.

The following diagram depicts the Reltio platform and a customer’s MDM tenant (green cloud) within the Reltio Connected Cloud.

Depicted on the left in yellow are Data Tenants (DT). Data Tenants are developed and provided by Reltio platform. Reltio works with popular 3rd party providers of commercially available reference and enrichment data, to make this data available to Reltio CTs via subscription. The integration is from a DT to your CT is preconfigured (nothing to do on your part) and available via simple licensing.

The customer tenant (CT) is a logical slice of the Reltio Connected Cloud and enjoys all the features and capabilities of the Reltio Connected Cloud. The CT is where all of the customer’s application-level configuration resides and it is where the customer’s business data resides and is matched, merged, cleansed, curated, governed, linked, and made available to Analytics (licensed separately from Reltio Connected Cloud).

The Hub shown on the right is a browser-based client that provides access to the CT for business users. Programmatic access to the CT is accomplished simply using the Reltio REST API. As a cloud-based concept, the CT also enjoys OOB connectivity to the web. For example, every tenant naturally leverages Google maps for location mapping.