Entity Roles

Baked into the entity type object is the concept of Entity Roles. Entity Roles provide the ability to classify entities (entity data).

For example, you can configure roles such as Customer, Prospect, and Vendor and then assign those roles to entities in your data set. Entities can have multiple roles. For example, a company in your data set can be both a customer and a vendor. You can use a single role type across different entity types. For example, you can assign the Customer role to companies and individuals in your data set.
Important: To use roles in your system, you must first configure the roles for each entity type in your configuration file. See Configuring Entity Roles for more information. After they are configured, the roles will be displayed in the Hub for the configured entity type and you can use the Hub to assign roles to existing entities in your system. For more information, see Assigning Entity Roles .

After the roles are assigned to entities, you can filter search results by role. For more information, see Searching by Entity Role.