Configuring Analytic Attributes

Analytic attributes are special attributes that are used to store analytic results.

Analytic attributes are populated by Reltio Data Science. The Analytic API includes them into returned entities and supports searching by analytic attributes values.

Analytic attributes are the properties of an entity. There are two types of analytic attributes: Simple and Nested. Nested attributes contain a set of analytic attributes. Analytic attributes can contain multiple values, maximum number of values is limited by the maxOccurs property.

Analytic Attributes are defined as a collection within the entityTypes section of the configuration file:

"entityTypes": [{
 "URI": "configuration/entityTypes/Party",
 "label": "Party",
 "description": "Organization entity type details",
 "abstract": true,
 "attributes": [...],
 "analyticsAttributes": [{
 "URI": "configuration/entityTypes/Party/analyticsAttributes/Name",
 "name": "Name",
 "label": "Name",
 "type": "String",
 "description": "Name"