Reltio L1 Layer – Foundation

Learn about the Reltio L1 layer, which contains the industry-agnostic objects.

Reltio solutions start with the L1 layer--the root level layer. This foundational layer brings you the latest changes Reltio makes, so you're kept up-to-date with platform enhancements.

Reltio Product Management defines and controls the L1 industry-agnostic objects. The L1 layer comes preconfigured and contains only a single layer of objects.

The L1 layer contains entities such as Party (an abstract type) and Location. L1 contains a fundamental relationship type called HasAddress that links the Party type to the Location type. L1 also extends the Party type to Organization and Individual (both are non-abstract types). There's only a single L1 layer, and its role is to define industry-agnostic objects that can be inherited and utilized by industry specific layers that sit at the L2 level.

Having a Reltio-controlled L1 enables Reltio to enhance the objects in the L1 layer, which can make the change global and potentially affecting all Reltio customers. For example, if Reltio were to added an additional attribute into the HasAddress relationship type, it’d would be available for immediate use by any Reltio customer.