Configuring Image Hosting

You can configure Image Hosting for a customer tenant.

Image Hosting Configuration Properties

The properties file is configured with the default values for all customer tenants by the Reltio MANF team. Customers can chose to modify anything by creating a ticket.

Image Hosting properties are specified in the Cluster-configuration/ file located on S3.

Table 1. Configuration Properties
Prefix Name Description
{envId}.{tenantId}. authServer URL of auth server (with protocol).
accessKey AWS access and secret keys are used for uploading images onto S3.
bucket Bucket + (optionally) path on S3.
cdnHost CDN host + path if CDN is configured. These are used for transforming an image URL to CDN URL. If cdnHost is not specified, then the CDN URLs returned by the service are the same as the source URLs.
maxFileSize Maximum allowed size of a file in bytes.
supportedTypes List of supported mime-types, which are split by commas.
s3HostUrl The value used as url to the S3 service; by default it is "".