Privacy and Consent Preferences

Reltio Identity 360 enables you to specify the privacy and consent preferences of your customers.

When dealing with personal data of customers, utmost care must be exercised since there are laws to protect the privacy of these data. In accordance with the data protection law of the land, it is crucial to obtain legal consent or permission from individuals to process their personal data.

In Reltio Identity 360, consent for customer data can be configured for the following:

  • Profile/Entity

    You can specify privacy preferences for a customer. For example, whether the individual can be tracked or profiled, or whether their data can be processed in third party systems.

  • Policy Consent

    When users interact with websites or services, they consent and accept policies such as Privacy Policies or Terms of Services. These policies are tracked within Reltio Identity 360 along with the dates of acceptance and versions.

  • Multi-channel communication consent

    Multi-channel consent refers to the consent or permissions that customers or individuals have given to organizations. Through consent, a customer agrees to be contacted through different channels of communication. The channel of communication can be Email, Short Message Service (SMS), in-person, or over a phone call. Individuals consent or agree a particular channel to be contacted. For example, some individuals do not want to be contacted through Email or in-person. Instead, they prefer only SMS or phone calls.