Overview of Profiles

A profile is a collection of all the data associated with an entity.

An entity is a customer, supplier, or an employee who form the core of your business. In order to maintian seamless business operations, you must make sure that all entity details are available in your system.

Reltio Identity 360 enables you to create and maintain your entities using profiles. These profiles can be created in the following ways:

  • Loading profiles into Reltio

    You can use the Data Loader application in Console to load profiles into Reltio Identity 360. For more information, see Getting Started with Reltio Identity 360.

  • Creating a new profile

    You can create new profiles in Reltio Identity 360 using the Profile page in Hub. This page includes various attributes and facets, such as Address, Identifiers, Contact, Relationship, and Privacy Preferences. For more information, see Creating Profiles in Reltio Identity 360.