Reltio Identity 360

Boost collaboration, efficiency, and strengthen compliance by maximizing the value of your data through Reltio Identity 360.

Your customer, consumer, guest, member, or employee data resides in multiple systems, and often these systems have different versions of information. Inconsistent names, addresses, emails, and preferences result in a disjointed experience and engagement. Unreliable data causes poor experience, broken transactions, rework, and revenue leakages and can expose organizations to regulatory compliance risks. Therefore, it is critical to have a single identity.

Being a refined Consumer 360 model, Reltio Identity 360 helps to master Person profiles. Person profiles could be your customers, consumers, guests, members, or employees. Reltio Identity 360 becomes the single source of truth for an individual’s data by aggregating, refining, reconciling, and relating data from hundreds of sources. The data from multiple sources is matched, cleaned of duplicates and merged as fit to create a universal identifier for each profile. These profiles can then be used for operational and analytical tasks.

Built on the flexible, responsive and scalable cloud-native Reltio Connected Data Platform, Reltio Identity 360 allows you to model the data you want to collect and manage, onboard data from multiple sources, and consume the data in real-time.

Use cases for Reltio Identity 360

Reltio Identity 360 is a real-time cloud service that delivers accurate and compliant entity resolution, progressive stitching, tailored customer experiences and engagements, privacy management, fraud prevention and detection. With Reltio Identity 360, you can:

  • Optimize Customer Experiences - Gain deeper insights into individual’s needs to deliver hyper-personalized offerings, improve loyalty, and increase sales and service effectiveness.
  • Optimize Operational Processes - Eliminate rework and enable connected omnichannel experiences with consistent and clean data with a single Universal ID.
  • Reduce Fraud and Risk - Provide organized and mastered person data to reduce risk and fraud.
  • Manage Privacy & Consent - Maintain privacy and consent preferences. In addition, you can update systems to reflect requests for consent changes and withdrawals.


Reltio Identity 360 can empower you to:

  • Resolve Identities - You can cleanse, match, merge, and unmerge data of any type of person entity, including consumers, contacts, or employees. You can establish a single source of truth by blending and relating trusted data from a range of data sources.
  • Create Universal ID (UID) - Auto-generated or configurable UID ensures data quality and consistent operations across organizations.
  • Maintain Data Quality - Maintain ongoing data quality and stewardship with user friendly tools.
  • Make Survivorship Dynamic - You can create dynamic and contextual profiles relevant for different functional groups like marketing, sales, service, and support.
  • Stitch Progressively - You can enrich the profiles by including third-party data, interactions and transactions, and new data sources.
  • Enable Governance - You can use the support for configurable workflows, reference data, task management, granular audit trails, and support for regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

Availability and Subscription Information

Reltio Identity 360 is available in FREE and PREMIUM editions and can be upgraded to the Enterprise 360 product. You can opt for the FREE edition of Reltio Identity 360 by signing up on our website,