Getting Started with Reltio Identity 360

Reltio Identity 360 brings your data together to help you get the maximum value out of it.

You can log into your Reltio Identity 360 tenant by using the credentials provided to you. When you log in to Reltio Identity 360, the Dashboard in Hub is your landing page.

Reltio Identity 360 enables you to perform all the following tasks with your data:

Understanding your Data Model and Sources

The rich Reltio Identity 360 data model provides a 360 degree view of an individual. For more information on Reltio Identity 360 Data Model and Sources information, see Understanding the Reltio Identity 360 Data Model.

Adding more Users

You can add other users to your tenant.

You can use the Add User Request Form to enter the First name, Last name, and Email address of the user you want to add to your tenant. You must also enter your email address and your Identity 360 Tenant ID and click Send. Your request will be processed in two business days. An email will be sent to the user inviting him/her to your Reltio 360 tenant.

Exploring the Dashboard

The Dashboard helps you to analyze key information through a graphical summary of information and you get a consolidated view of all the data in a single page. For more information, see Exploring the Dashboard.

Loading Data in Reltio Identity 360

You can load data in Reltio Identity 360 by using the Data Loader application in Console. If you want to delete the sample data before loading your customer data, navigate to the MORE menu and select the Delete All Profiles option.

Important: You cannot reverse the deletion process.

A confirmation dialog box appears and on clicking OK, the deletion task is initiated.

Note: While the deletion task is in progress, some results might appear in the Search page. After the deletion task is completed, the Search page displays no results. In addition, if you create any profile while the deletion is in progress, the newly created profile may also get deleted. We recommend waiting until the deletion task is completely over.

When the task is completed, you can load your customer data by following the steps given in the Load entities into a tenant topic.

Creating and Managing Individual Profiles in the Profile View

A profile is a collection of all the data associated with an entity. You can use the Create Profile option to create an individual's profile. For more information, see Creating Profiles in Reltio Identity 360.

Resolving Potential Matches in Reltio Identity 360

Reltio Identity 360 can be used to collate the information spread across multiple profiles into a single source of truth, by using the match capabilities. Matches can be automatically merged or they can be designated as Potential Matches where they can be manually reviewed and merged. For more information, see Potential Matches Perspective.

Searching Profiles in Reltio Identity 360

Hub allows you to search across all your data within Reltio Identity 360. You can access Search by clicking the Search tab in Hub as shown below.

You can select the Individual entity type in the left facet and filter on the attributes to segment your data. The relevant quick filters are displayed in the Quick Filters panel on the left.

Your search results appear on the main screen, where you can view the data in a Table or List view. The Table view allows you to show and hide attribute columns so you can focus on what matters most. To format your Table view, click on the Show/hide columns icon () and select the attributes you want to display.

You can use the Map view () to display the locations of the profiles on the map. Profile locations are displayed as pin drops in the map.

Note: Click to load your data using Data Loader, to export your data, and to save your search.

For more information on using Search, see Working with the Main Search Page.

Exporting data from Reltio Identity 360

You can export your data from Reltio Identity 360 by using the Export application in Console. By creating a new export job, you can export the entity types and relationships. For more information, see Export entities and relationships.

Note: Relationships are only available with the Premium edition.

Integrating Data for Real-Time Access

You can use REST APIs to work with Reltio Identity 360 and ensure real-time integration of your data. For more information on the APIs, see Developer Portal.

The App Selector menu

You can click App selector icon to access the different applications provided in the Reltio platform.

Table 1:Applications lists the applications available in the App Selector menu.

Table 1. Applications
Application/Resource Description
Console Reltio Console is a collection of applications to configure, manage, and secure your data within the Reltio Platform. For more information, see Console.
Inbox Inbox enables Workflow users to efficiently view, manage, and act on business tasks assigned to them and to their team. For more information, see Workflow Tasks.