Exploring the Dashboard

The Reltio Identity 360 Dashboard consists of various facets that show the data in the form of charts.

The Dashboard helps you to analyze key information more quickly and thoroughly. It provides a graphical summary of information and you get a consolidated view of all the data in a single page.

You can view various charts on the Dashboard. These responsive charts show relevant data when you hover over on the various graphical portions of the chart. When you click any graphical portion, the drill down results are shown in the search page. For example, if you click on the Male bubble in the Individuals by Gender bubble chart, the Search page appears with the results of the selected Male segment as shown in the images below.

Various Dashboard Facets

Some samples of the dashboard charts are given below.

The chart given below displays the individuals based on their marital status. When you hover over each category, the associated number of results is visible.

This chart displays the number of individuals based on the state.

This chart displays the address verification status of individuals.

This chart displays the data based on the source system.