Working with the Hierarchy Management Facet

With the Hierarchy Management facet, you can change the hierarchies and manage your hierarchical data easily.

You can use the Edit mode to make several types of changes to the existing hierarchy by moving nodes or entities around, or by adding new parent or child relationships.

Using the drag and drop functionality

In this mode, when you hover over a node or an entity, the Drag node icon is visible and you can drag and drop the node to a new location, either as a parent of a node or as a child of a node.

To begin with, let us assume that in your hierarchy management’s tree view you need to move a node (an entire set of child entities) to a new node (new parent). You can simply select the node and drag and drop it under the new parent. In our example below, we have moved Entity A under Entity B.

For these changes to take effect, you must click Save on the Profile page.

Adding a node

You can add a parent or a child relationship to any node/entity by using the Add node functionality in the Hierarchy Management facet.

On clicking the Add node option, you can select whether to add a parent or a child node to the selected node.

You must specify the same details while adding a parent or a child. A sample image for adding a parent to Entity A is shown below.

Note: When you want to add a parent node, the selection dialog box is shown above the selected entity ('Entity A' in our example). While adding a child node, the selection dialog box is shown within the selected entity to facilitate appropriate selection in both the cases.

In our example, we selected to add a child to ‘Entity A’. Note that the selection dialog box appears within 'Entity A' and the existing child entity of 'Entity A' is seen below the selection dialog box.

Select the relationship type or the entity that you want to add. You can make the selections in the order of your choice. If you know the entity type that you want to add, as soon as you select it, the relationship types available for that entity are displayed. Similarly, if you know the relationship type you want to specify for the entity, on selecting the relationship type, the associated entities are listed.

You can add start and end dates as more attributes for the relationship that you are adding. Click + MORE ATTRIBUTES to select the Start date and/or End date attributes and then specify the relevant dates for these attributes.

Click APPLY after you make your selections. The parent or the child nodes now appear changed but you must click Save on the Profile page for these changes to be effective.

In our example, we have added a new node/entity to Entity A as shown below.

You can click the edit icon (pencil icon) to modify a node/entity.

Doing so allows you to re-select the relationship type and/or the profile details and add more attributes if needed. Click the Delete icon if you want to remove the association of the selected node/entity with its parent node/entity.