Menu Items

You can configure menu items in the UI configuration.

To configure menu items in the UI configuration use JSON similar to the following example.

Custom Action

                    "label":"Custom Alert",

As shown, this is normal menu item configuration, but with class "com.reltio.plugins.ui.actions.CustomAction" and an additional "action" property.

In "action" you can configure these two property parameters:

  • "files" (Array): array of links to files with Javascript. These javascript files are used when you click a menu item. Normally, you need one Javascript file with the custom script. Other files can be sued for additional Javascript libraries, and so on.
  • "permissions" (Array): array of URLs (for example, [""]). Custom scripts can make requests only on these urls (any path and query parts can be sued with specified urls). You need this parameter only if you want to use external requests from your script.

You can add the property "parent": "" to add this menu item to "Actions" in the search screen.