Managing View Preferences

Using the Profile Settings in Reltio, you can specify the view mode as Classic or New for the perspectives such as Potential Match, Activity Log, and so on in your profile.

Managing View Preferences

  1. Click Profile Settings in the upper-right corner of your page.

    The Settings dialog box is displayed.

  2. Click Manage View Preferences.

    The Manage view preferences page is displayed.

  3. Select Enable New UI to switch to the new navigation UI.
    Note: When you select this option, the other check boxes in this page get disabled.
  4. Select New view for Potential Matches.
  5. Select New view for Profile activity log.
  6. Select New view for Sources.
  7. Select New view for Dashboard.
  8. Select New view for Relationships.
  9. Select New view for Graph.
  10. Select New view for Profile.

    If you do not select the New View check box, the features will be displayed in the Classic view.

  11. Click Save to save your preferences.