About the App Selector Menu

The App Selector menu enables you to navigate to different applications and resources provided in the Reltio platform.

These applications and resources helps you to configure, manage, and view your data. This menu is available on the top right corner in Hub.

The following options are available when you click on App Selector.

Table 1. Applications and Resources
Application/Resource Description
Console Reltio Console is a collection of applications to configure, manage, and secure your data within the Reltio Platform. For more information, see Console.
RDM Reference Data Management allows you to ensure data governance and operational excellence. For more information, see Reference Data Management (RDM).
Inbox Inbox enables Workflow users to efficiently view, manage, and act on business tasks assigned to them and to their team. For more information, see Workflow Tasks.
Reporting Reporting & Analytics is the know-how of managing data that allows you to analyze complex data and make meaningful reports and decisions based on that analysis. For more information, see Reporting and Analytics.
Documentation Portal The Documentation Portal contains the necessary documentation required for you to successfully implement Reltio's products. For more information, see https://docs.reltio.com.
Developer Portal The Developer Portal enables developers to work with and test Reltio APIs from the Central Catalog. For more information, see https://developer.reltio.com/index.htm.
Community You can be a part of the Reltio Community to ask questions, find answers, and connect with others in the community. For more information, see https://community.reltio.com/home.