Hierarchy Management (Early Access)

You can use the Hierarchy Management application to manage changes to the existing hierarchies in your data.


Reltio Connected Cloud’s hierarchy technology supports heterogeneous (multi-domain), single-parent, and multi-parent features making Reltio Connected Cloud's hierarchy management solution flexible and agile to be used in a wide variety of industries and use cases illustrated below. Hierarchies are temporal and offer the user the ability to enter an ad-hoc date that renders that hierarchy as it was defined on that date.

Through the Hierarchy Management application, you will be able to do a side-by-side comparison of such hierarchies to understand the differences between two hierarchies. This application is targeted for business users who need to review the differences in order to adjust one hierarchy to conform to the structure of the other.

Many organizations face several challenges while trying to maintain complex hierarchies within their existing systems. Any change to an important existing hierarchy such as an organizational structure, accounts, or products has the power to create a rippling adverse effect across the organization. Therefore, it becomes extremely valuable to be able to do a comparative analysis of the changes to the existing hierarchies periodically.

You may need to bring in changes/updates to multiple hierarchies including marketing and sales, accounts and finance, and supplier/customer-related hierarchies. Having the visibility into the changes these updates would make to your existing hierarchies enables you to make informed decisions.

The Hierarchy Management application facilitates comparisons between source and target hierarchies by highlighting the various changes in both the structures.

Benefits and Features

The Hierarchy Management application empowers you to make informed decisions by comparing hierarchies. While using the Hierarchy Management application, you can do the following:
  • Specify the source and target hierarchies for comparison
  • Choose a time for executing the hierarchy comparison background job at your convenience
  • Save the comparison results based on the job’s execution date and time
  • View the comparison results in an intuitive UI for all the different types of changes (additions, deletions, merges, and moves)

Sample Use Case - understanding the need for Hierarchy Management

You may want to bring the DnB data into your systems periodically as DnB is the reference source for all organizational information. DnB’s monthly updated hierarchies could be useful to update the information in the sales hierarchy, latest market updates such as companies shutting down, new companies being added, companies that are changing or buying other companies and more. There exists a chance that these updates have an adverse impact on the existing sales or some other hierarchy within your organization. Therefore, before bringing in the changes from the DnB hierarchy, you may want to understand the changes in these hierarchies. In addition, you may want to accept or reject changes from DnB after completely understanding the impact of these changes to your sales or any other hierarchy.

On the other side, even though you may not need to bring in DnB data, you may want to compare and manage multiple product type hierarchies for your organization. In that case too, you may need an application that understands your data and compares the hierarchies to show you meaningful insights. Hierarchy Management allows you to look through the differences between two hierarchies.