Exporting Graph Search Results

You can export the Graph Search results into a file. You can then use this file to read and process the entity and relationship information.

The Export Graph Search Results is a useful tool, which enables you to extract and use processed data from Reltio.

To export Graph Search results:

  1. Click Search > Graph Selector icon.
  2. Select the entity type.
  3. Specify the search criteria.
    Based on the search criteria, a list of profiles is displayed. For more information, see Working with Graph Search.

  4. Click Export.
    The Select attributes tab is displayed.
    This page displays the graph search criteria and the number of profiles selected as a result of the search. It also displays the entity name selected during the search and displays the number of attributes that are selected for export.

  5. Click the Entity type Name.
    A list of all available attributes for the selected entity type is displayed.

  6. Click the Filter option.
  7. Select the type of attributes you want to view in this list.
    You can view only non-hidden attributes, required attributes, analytical attributes or all attributes.
  8. Select the required attributes.
    Clear the required attributes.
  9. Close this window.
    You will go back to the Select attributes tab.
    The Selected attributes field will now display the number of attributes based on your selection.
  10. Click Continue.
    The Job details tab is displayed.

  11. In the Job name field, enter the name of the export job.
    For example, Export HCP details.
    The Export Operational Values (OV) only check box is selected by default. This ensures that only those attribute values that are selected by survivorship rules are exported.
  12. In the Select File Format field, select the format of the file to be exported. The available options are CSV Flattened, CSV Exploded, and JSON.
  13. Select Produce a single output file.
    The results are exported into a single file.
  14. Click Run.
    The results are exported in the specified format and a mail is sent to your email ID.

  15. Click the link in the email.
    A list of exported files is displayed.

  16. Select the files to be downloaded.
  17. Click Download.
    The files are downloaded into your system.