Graph Search (Early Access)

Graph Search is an Early Access (EA) feature.

Relationships are the core components of any business. These are the links between entities, and together, they form the Reltio Entity Graph. The value that relationships bring by connecting entities is leveraged by using the details of related entities.

Search is one of the commonly used features to find information, records by data stewards to update information and remediate or fix records. Reltio provides a very robust set of capabilities around search through Advanced Search’s query building capabilities. With Graph Search, we are enhancing the search on entities. Graph Search empowers you to not only search using the entity information, which is the attribute of the profile, but also uses the Relationship Data of the related entity.

Graph Search enables you to find information through the relationships of your entities, including the relationships of your related entities and their attributes. With Graph Search you can make complex queries on the entity-relation structure.

Future Releases

As of now, Graph Search is an Early Access feature. We are working with some of our Early Access customers and we will iterate on the functionality based on the feedback from the EA customers and our roadmap plan.

Best Practices/Recommendations

If you are used to creating reference attributes for managing relationships for your entities for searching, you can consider to stop loading the entities with the reference attribute.