Graph Search is the outcome of extensive research and analysis to provide a robust solution to enable you to search the relationship data with ease.

  • Graph Search is built upon and supported by a graph database capable of handling data that resides across multiple tenants.
  • Graph Search builds on the powerful Advanced Search UI’s query building features to provide a familiar experience.
  • You can use multiple search operators and add conditions for attributes. This enables you to easily create simple and complex search queries that provide you the desired level of detail.
  • Relationships are directional. Graph Search supports building search criteria irrespective of the direction of the relationship. The results consider the criteria in both the directions. This means, even if the Relationship type is "Organization to Contact", you can still use it even when your search is from Contact to an Organization.
  • On the Search Results page, Graph search displays the Search Query leading to the Search Results.
  • The Profile view and the Graph Search Results are connected. You can navigate through the searched profiles in the Profile view itself, or, go through the profiles listed in the Search Results.
  • Graph Search supports generic entity types.